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Florida deliver a high quality life style and we aim to be the #1 sales agent for homes to customers in the Nordic and the UK marked. We have a close cooperation with reputable realtors throughout Florida. We can offer you a full range of condos and single family homes in all price levels. Also plots of land. It’s simply up to you. Contact us and describe what you would like to buy. We will make your dream come true. Live your life to the fullest!

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Our team has been in Florida since 2012. The focus area in the start was Miami and surrondings, since the owners of Gray Invest invested there as a start. But Florida is so much more. We now cover all of Florida, so to be more attractive for buyers and investors.

Real Estate Agents

We cooperate and have an Exclusive Agreement with Suzanne Docobo l Keller Williams Realty. They deliver top of the art services and have high competence throughout all of Florida. Whether you want a second home to use now and then let it out when not, or want to invest in properties, Suzanne Docobo l Keller Williams Realty are the one’s to interact with. They will be able to guide you through the whole process. An accountant or a loan, they will guide you.

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